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img_1175.jpgWell hey there!  Welcome to my blog.  I write about…well whatever I want.  It is my blog after all. But mostly I write about ways I see God in every day life.  It’s so easy to feel like God is so far away from us crazy, messy humans.  But I think God is right here with us.  So this is a space where I write honestly about the ways in which I see God at work in the world and in my own life with the hope that it might make it possible for you to see God at work in your world and life.

About me:  I’ve got a wonderdog named Gus who is both wonderful and ridiculous and loves me way more than I deserve.  I am engaged to Steven who is the love of my life and the most wonderful man on the planet.  No, I’m not biased. We are getting married in June 2017!  Yeah!!  Steven and I both serve as pastors in the United Methodist Church and we live in East Texas- land of beautiful trees and very little traffic.  And some pretty decent bbq and fried catfish.

2 thoughts on “about me

  1. Maui Blue says:

    I typed in; what to do when all wound up and your back and forth ball, story came up.
    Thanks, I should jest step back and trust in God to help ease the tension around me.

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