Mother Nature

By 6:30am the birds are already chirping outside my window loudly enough to wake me up.  I’m already partly awake but their chatter declares it is morning and it is time to get up and greet the glorious new day.  As I walk into the kitchen on the hunt for some caffeine I see the beautiful early morning light already streaming through the window.  It lights up the greens, pinks, and whites of the garden flowers and makes the world seem magical.  I take a deep breath and let it out slowly, giving thanks for this quiet moment of peace and beauty.

When I moved to East Texas in 2015 I had no idea how much I would love it.  Most of my life I lived in different suburbs of Houston.  Traffic and crowds and concrete were just a part of the constant scenery and I didn’t think anything of it.  But when I first came to East Texas I lived in a little house with half an acre around me and woods behind me. And I discovered the wonder of living every day in a place where you are surrounded by green trees and lots of open space.  Now living in little Jefferson I often joke with Steven that I live in a Disney princess house and that I’m just waiting for the birds to start making my bed and laying out my clothes.  The garden is magnificent with different flowers and fragrances ready to greet you everyday.  The sunlight streams into my windows in the morning gently urging me to wake up just a little early to enjoy a few moments to myself.

Even driving through East Texas is more beautiful.  On my weekly drives to Kilgore and Dallas I was constantly amazed at how many different kinds of green there are and just how tall a tree can grow to be.  The sun would often be a gorgeous ball of firey orange and red in my rearview mirror as I drove eastward on Thursday evenings.

That part of my spirit that is weary from running so hard and chasing so much is beginning slowly to put herself right again.  And I’ve found that slowing down to enjoy the beauty of mother nature is a big part of that.  Waking up as the sun comes up, winding down as it settles down for the night.  Sitting outside and letting the sunlight warm my face while I enjoy the whooshing sound of hummingbirds flying from feeder to feeder.  Turning off the tv and instead reading a good book while it rains outside in the evening.  Mother Nature’s rhythms invite me into a life that offers balance and joy.

As we celebrate mothers today, I’m filled with gratitude to our Creator God, who is Mother and Father to all.  She’s made a beautiful world filled with wonders big and small.  The pulse and beat of the natural world invites us to find peace, joy, and rest- beautiful gifts our worn out souls desperately need.  So, this morning, I’m going to enjoy the quiet for a little while and offer thanks to our good, good Mother/Father God.  I’m going to give thanks for the beauty of these days.  I’m going to give thanks for my beautiful mother and for all the amazing mothers I know.  I’m just going to sit here in the calm and remember that I am a beloved creation of the Almighty.  And I’m going to listen to the birds chat with one another outside my window.

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