The Minimalist Move: Complete!

I haven’t written anything in a couple of weeks because between moving, papers, tests, and a small desire to have a social life I have been exhausted.  Finally hit a wall this weekend and got very, very sick.  I’ve started work on this post about 10 times and couldn’t finish because I was just. so. tired.  But I’m hoping for a rally soon.  Note:  you should drink more than caffeine-infused beverages and eat more than a piece of fruit when you are starting to feel poorly…it won’t end well, friend.

But, congratulate me, because I have officially moved!  I am in my new place and loving it.  It still doesn’t feel like home yet but it is a really relaxing and quiet place and for that I am immensely grateful.  The other day I was getting ready and it was so quiet that I realized I could hear each brush stroke as I put on mascara.  I’m just saying…that’s scary quiet.


Yep…that’s all my jewelry. I kept quite a bit because it dresses up my fairly generic wardrobe for work. But it’s a lot less than I had before!


Turns out moving when you don’t have a lot of stuff is pretty easy.  I’m hoping no one is super surprised by this information.  I came home from school on the Friday before the move, went and picked up the keys to the new place, then went out to dinner before going home to finish packing.  Movers showed up right on time and everything I own was loaded in their waaaaay too big truck in hour.  It took them a little less than an hour and half to put it in the new place…which has stairs.  Poor guys!  I had forgotten to get water bottles for them and, of course, my cups were still packed.  I ended up finding some glass bottles for them to use.  Note to self:  pack water for movers or you will feel like a jerk.   The movers were awesome!  Just two guys and they moved FAST, for which I was very grateful.  They even gave me a half-hour for free since I offered to go online and write some sweet reviews for them.  So fast, efficient, careful, and online business savvy- a total win.


My very sweet parents came over and, after helping my sister unpack her new house just a few weeks earlier, they were already in the unpacking groove.  My kitchen is pretty tiny but my mom was a kitchen wizard and somehow I even managed to have empty cabinets!   My dad, bless him, tried valiantly to unpack all my books.  But that didn’t work out so well for me…thanks OCD.  So instead he became the project manager and that dude hung pictures, fixed me a little pantry shelf-situation (oh that’s right, my tiny kitchen doesn’t have a pantry), and broke down all the boxes and lugged them downstairs to the garage.  They even took me to lunch and bought me some new house necessities.  It was absolutely wonderful having them to help and we got everything unpacked!  Seriously.  Everything.  I have one painting that needs to be hung, two vases that I don’t know what to do with, and my winter bedding needs to be space-bagged and put away.  That’s it.

My "pantry" courtesy of my awesome Dad!

My “pantry” courtesy of my awesome Dad!

Ah, the joys of minimal living.  

So now it’s just a matter of settling in to my new space which has been fun and challenging.  I don’t have a linen closet but I do have a trunk that I am using as a coffee table.  Now it also holds all my sheets and blankets…yeah for multi-tasking furniture!  And I didn’t want to buy any more drinking glasses so I’m using some vintage wine glasses as my everyday glasses, which just makes breakfast OJ so much more fancy.  There are a few purchases I do plan on making though.  I need a floor lamp for my living room, something to put my purse and the dog leash on when I come in the door, and furniture for my patio.  But for right now it is just really relaxing to have just what I need.  And everything I already have is something I love.

My favorite spot is definitely my desk.  It’s a deep red which makes me smile and my desk chair is the most comfortable chair of all time.  I have some of my favorite “Jesus-books” on top of the desk along with a framed print of Doctor Who sayings (thanks, Lisa!) to keep me company.   I’ve started eating breakfast at my desk just so I can enjoy the chair, the view, and the quiet before the day starts.

Stay tuned for more Simple Living posts soon!  I’ll be writing about cooking and shopping like a minimalist- two things I’m having to deal with right now.  Have a great Monday!

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