Simple Living Series: My Move Toward Minimalism

I’ve been writing a lot lately about the theory and ideas behind a minimalist mindset and it only seems fair to share how I’m putting that theory into practice in my own life.  I hope you have enjoyed the Simple Living Series because I have really enjoyed writing it!  I’m going to be brutally honest about my own move toward minimalism on this post so if you aren’t interested in what some crazy chick is doing in Katy, Tx (and honestly…why would you be??)  then move along.  We will resume regular programming tomorrow.  But I want to be open about my own situation for the sake of social media transparency.  I, by no means, have stuff figured out and I don’t want you to be fooled by blog posts into thinking that you are the only one you doesn’t have their stuff together…because I know that’s how I can feel sometimes when I’m online.  So anyway without any further ado:  the brutal truth about becoming a minimalist.

Truth #1:  It is messing with my head.

I am moving into a new home AND moving my office at the same time.  We are doing some office swapping at the church and literally everyone is waiting for me to move out of my office before they can move out of theirs.  So I’m THAT co-worker.  Awesome.  But my office has been the dumping ground for years and years of stuff which I am now responsible for no matter how it found its way here.  Which theoretically isn’t a huge deal.  Get a trash bag and let’s get it done.  But of course now I can’t do that because becoming a minimalist is messing with my head.  Every time I think about just throwing all these old books, VHS tapes, and other random assorted bits away I can see them piled up in landfills and I just can’t do it.  Isn’t there a way to recycle used books???  I’ve set up a cart in our Welcome Center with a sign “Free Books!!!!” and keep filling it with books hoping that they find a new home.  A lot of books have gone but there are plenty left.  And I am at a loss.  So office move 2014 is slow going.

Also, everything at home is now on the chopping block.  Example:  this morning I reached into my already severely culled jewelry box to get a pair of earrings and thought that at least 10 more things needed to go.  And they probably do.  And they probably will.  Because I just cannot abide keeping things that I don’t wear on a regular basis. So I guess what I’m saying is that if you want some free stuff you should probably come help me unpack this weekend because I will undoubtedly decide some of this stuff isn’t going to get to stay in the new place.

Truth #2:  Selling your stuff online takes work.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not that hard but it does take some effort and continual checking.  My kitchen table is covered with stuff I’m selling and a lot of it has found a new home.  Like…a lot.  Enough to cover some moving expenses which is awesome.  But I have to rather frequently check and make sure I haven’t missed any messages (had a dream the other night where all I did was continually check my messages…it’s getting intense).  And I have to go to the online sites and bump up any items that may have gotten overlooked.  Do not even get me started on the ridiculous admin people that run some of these sites.  Calm down lady, it’s not like you are curing cancer or anything.  And then I have to arrange meet-ups with people to actually sell the stuff.  I have 3 such meet-ups so far today.  First one at 10am last one at 8pm.  I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because hello…money.  But it is some effort.

Truth #3:  I’m pretty sure I’m upsetting some people.

I have amazing friends and family who have gifted me with many, many things over the years.  And I appreciate and love every one of those people.  But in my quest to live more simply, I cannot keep every gift I’ve ever been given and I do worry that I’m hurting some feelings.  I am doing my absolute best to make sure that that doesn’t happen and that when I do decide not to keep something that was gifted to me that I show it the proper respect.  Some things are incredibly special and those things need to go to someone else who can use and love them.  So I’m trying really hard to be thoughtful, honest, and considerate to everyone  but I know that I’ve still upset a few people unintentionally.  Also, some people feel like I’m judging their desire to hang on to things.  I don’t care what you hang on to!  But I’m not going to hang on to it for you so we gotta just be ok with disagreeing on this point.

Truth #4:  I am still absolutely loving it.

It is tricky and not a small amount of work but I cannot wait till I get in my new place with less stuff.  I am just so excited!  My room has been clutter free for the past week or so since stuff has been packed for the move and I have just loved seeing it that way every time I come home.  And knowing that my home will be like that every time I walk into it fills me with delight.  Having space and being surrounded by just the things that I find useful and beautiful is a real joy.  It is absolutely worth all the effort to me.  And I cannot wait to tell you all about my new place when I move in this weekend!

Happy Monday!  
I hope you have a wonderful day filled with people you love and space to do the things that give you life!

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