7 years…and still going strong!

Today marks 7 years of bliss…with my sweet little puppy, Gus!

My favorite little man!

My favorite little man!

This sweet face has been the one that greets me when I get home everyday for the past 7 years.   I am so thankful for this little (ok medium-size) guy.  I got Gus at a time in my life when I really shouldn’t have been looking to adopt a dog.  I was trying to finish up college and living in an apartment that did not have room for another dog.  I didn’t have enough money to be able to afford all of the expenses that come from having a dog and I certainly didn’t have time to spend training and caring for one.  And it only got worse from there.

About 6 months after I got Gus I was diagnosed as bi-polar, a diagnosis that came about as a result of some seriously negative and even dangerous choices that had repercussions for my entire family.  It was absolutely the hardest time in my life.  There were many days when I couldn’t get out of bed…and my little puppy was there loving me and forcing me to get up at least for 10 minutes to take him out.    There were days when I wanted to just say forget it and not bother going to work or class until I would remember that I needed to make sure to have enough money to at least be able to feed my little man.  There were days when I didn’t think I would make it to the next day but then I would be worried about who would take care of my puppy and I would hold on for one more day.  He was my only friend for a long time and he’s been my most loyal companion since the day I got him.

Now my life is drastically different.  I have a job I love and that is definitely exciting enough to get me out of bed every day.  I have friends who have become more like family and I thank God for them every day.  My relationships with my family have been restored and renewed in ways I never knew would even be possible.  7 years ago I thought my life would never get better and that I would always be in so much pain.  But today I am blessed by a life of love and joy I didn’t know was possible.

And through it all I’ve had my Gus, keeping me company and giving me love.  He greets me with excitement and kisses every day, even when I come home late and I’m sure he’s starving.  He never judges me for choosing to sleep late instead of getting up for a walk but man does he celebrate when we do get up and go.

I don’t always know where my life will take me but I have always known that Gus would be there with me and that has given me comfort and confidence.

Over the past 7 years he’s been my friend, my motivation, and my inspiration.  I’ll always be grateful for his constant and loving presence in my life, in times of pain and in times of celebration.   I’m a little sad because I know he is getting older (although you really can’t tell from how crazy he acts when he gets hyper!).  I know a sad, sad day will come when he’s not there to cuddle and sing to (don’t judge me…he’s the only one who doesn’t complain about my awful singing!!!).  But I’ve got TONS of memories and pictures and we’ve still got a few years to make plenty more.

So happy adoption day, sweet Gus!  I’m so glad you are my puppy.

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