Crafty like a Fox

My mother is very gifted at making all sorts of crafts.  She is a jack-of-all crafts from sewing to paper crafts to knitting to painting and diy stuff (when i was little she used the dog chain to beat the living crap out of our dining room table before she stained it).  Yep she’s one crafty lady.

I however am less crafty.  I get bored after a while and just can’t bear the thought of one more embellishment on that scrapbook page.  And I seriously do not have the patience to cut loads of paper perfectly straight.  I lack enough hand-eye coordination to be able to paint any kind of intricate designs.  But crafting is not really about ability…it’s about enjoy-ability (I made that sound super fancy, didn’t i?).  I just like crafting and with summer madness well behind me and things going about as smoothly as one can ask for in ministry I’ve had some time to do some fall-time crafting.  And I am pretty excited about it!

My craft room!

My craft room!

Roommate and I finished organizing the craft room this past weekend.  It’s not fancy but it’s very cute and VERY organized.  And it was a super hot mess before.  I’d show you a before picture but I was far too embarrassed to take one.  It was like a scene from hoarders, guys.  We had both been living on our own for a while before I moved in and so we had a lot of stuff that needed to find a new home plus we both had a lot of stuff that belonged in the craft room but we needed a way to organize it.  So a couple of trips to Hobby Lobby, Target,  Jo-Ann’s, and Home Depot and we were set.  That shelf took foreeeeever to get hung up because we didn’t have the correct screw…and then we didn’t have enough strength to get it screwed in.  It was a whole bracket to screw-driver ratio thing.  Just trust me it was crazy difficult.  But I’m uber pleased with the results.   I’ve got some serious Christmas card plans.

Ok but it is NOT Christmas yet and so in the spirit of celebrating the moment I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to for the fall.  Our church has a pumpkin patch (I’m pretty sure it’s required of every Methodist church).  Anyway, we have a pumpkin patch so I bought a couple of pumpkins and then found some cute ideas for how to decorate them on Pinterest.  But that was Pinterest and I live in the real world where things don’t always look picture perfect.  Let me show you what I mean.

Little pumpkin in chevron print

Little pumpkin in chevron print

I tried taping off the chevron pattern and then painting it.  In theory it should totally work.  In.  Theory.  So I taped and then I painted.  And…

The original after.

The original after.

It didn’t work so much.  The pumpkin isn’t exactly excited to be painted and it came right off with the tape.  So I scraped that and painted the whole thing a pearly white.   But I formulated plan b for the other pumpkin.  I put the tape on and then traced the outline of the tape so that I could take the tape off and just paint inside the lines.

IMG_3191[1]And yeah, this time it worked!  So I finished up both pumpkins and stuck them on the front porch with my fancy wreath that I made a couple of months ago.  Wreaths are super easy and I’ll write another post about how to make them soon.  Our United Methodist Women’s group is having their annual Harvest Market and I’m going to donate a wreath for that so I’ll share my secrets with you then.  For now enjoy this awesome curb appeal.

Welcome home!

Welcome home

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the stuff that we have to do that we forget to do some things just because we enjoy them.  Pumpkins on my front porch aren’t necessary but I really enjoyed painting them and they make me happy every time I pull up in the driveway.  One of the most amazing things about this world is the way it changes throughout the year (unless you live on the equator…that’s a bummer I guess but the trade-off is gorgeous beachy-type weather year round right?)  I  live in Texas so we have 2 seasons- summer and not summer but I still love it when that first cold front comes through.  I love Halloween and crazy kids running around dressed up like Justin Bieber or whatever little kids dress up as these days.  I love days that get shorter and nights that get longer.  And I feel blessed to be able to celebrate this amazing world that we’ve been given to live in and care for.  So I painted a couple of pumpkins and hung a wreath to remind myself to celebrate the change and the glory of something new.  What do you to do get ready for or celebrate the changing seasons?

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