It makes me want to cry

Lately I swear I will cry at anything. Seriously, every tv show, commercial, YouTube video, and Facebook link brings me to tears. For example, the roomie and I were watching HGTV’s Income Property show…you know the one with the super cute host (just saying ;)). And there was a newlywed couple who were looking for a house where they could eventually have a basement apartment to rent out. I say eventually because for the moment they wanted it as a place for the wife’s mom to live because her husband (wife’s stepdad) had passed away unexpectedly and they didn’t want her to have to live alone right now. So at the end of the show they are taking her around the house and of course she gets choked up because of course it’s beautiful. But all of the sudden I realize that the son-in-law is crying too. He isn’t looking at the house that he just bought. He’s looking at his mother-in-law. He kisses her on the cheek…and I start crying.

Then not ten minutes later I’m catching up on Facebook happenings and someone has posted a video for Britain’s Got Talent where a little boy gets stage fright halfway through his song and starts crying. His mother is standing behind the curtain being kept back by the hosts but when her son starts to cry she races out and hugs him with her back to the audience separating him from them.

watch it here for yourself!

I started crying the minute she started running.  She loves her son.   And he knows it.   Just her hug and pat on the back and he is going to try again.  Love, love, love.

Life is hard and often full of nonsense.

But life is also beautiful and full of love.

People are mean, selfish, and stupid lazy.

People are compassionate, generous, and caring.

It’s all these things. Not just one or the other. I can’t pick and choose the things about people I will accept. I have to just love people…which can be really hard sometimes. But Lord knows I’m not always a delight either (don’t anybody rush to disagree with me or anything). I can, however, choose to see the beauty even in ugly situations. I can choose to see kindness instead of selfishness.  I know tv is edited.  I get that.  But I see it everywhere.  The person who rushes out of a store in the rain to help an old lady make it into a building (yes I’ve actually seen this several times…one of the perks of living in the south).  The child that comforts their mom or dad when they are upset.  Teenagers congratulating and high-fiving their friends on getting that position on the team…even if they didn’t both make the cut.  People giving their time and energy to volunteer to hang out with crazy teenagers each week.  Or the same as before but insert crazy adults or kids.  Really volunteering at all…doing anything.

That man could have looked at his mother-in-law and thought about how much this was costing him (it was reaaaaally a nice place). That mom could have been disappointed that her son’s nerves cost him the audition. But instead both reacted with compassion and a self-less kind of love.

Sometimes the world seems terrible, awful, and rotten. But then I take a breath and look again and I see beauty, kindness, and love. And it makes me smile…and reach for another Kleenex.

May you find, even in a messed up world, opportunities to smile today!

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