Weekend Plans

I keep meaning to write…writing several posts in my head throughout the day…but then at the end of the day I am too tired to stay up the extra 30 minutes it would take to sit down and knock out a post.  So now finally it’s Friday and I have the day off and some time to do what I want to do.  Plus, bonus, it wasn’t such a crazy week that all I want to do today is veg.  Today I am conquering things that need doing around the house.  So far I’ve made cinnamon rolls  (my roomie does lunch and dinner but I can manage a batch of muffins or cinnamon rolls out of a can…be impressed), swept the front room, planned breakfast for the week, and done the dishes.  Then roomie and I tackled the back patio.  Having 3 dogs plus a construction project going on behind us means that we have one messy patio.  So we hosed down, bleached, scrubbed, and re-hosed the patio and all the patio furniture.  Not a bad way to conquer the day.

That’s the thing about living in a house that I didn’t really anticipate.  There’s always something else that has to be done!  I probably should have realized it since I saw my parents constantly working on things every weekend.  But my selfish teenager self never really thought about it.  Now in the midst of completing one task you discover another that needs your attention.  For instance, while cleaning the patio we realized that the frame around the back door needs to be painted.  We also decided to spray paint  the little iron table we had on the patio.  Both are projects for another day.  And even though our awesome yard guy came this morning, we still need to trim trees and pull weeds.  I’ve got a load of laundry running with two more than need to go in after that and my bathroom needs to be cleaned.  The lists just never end.

And after 5 years of full-time youth ministry (it was officially 5 on September 8th!!) I’m starting to be ok with that.  The list isn’t going to ever end.  You get soooo close to checking everything off and 10 new things get dropped on your desk (thanks staff meeting).  Or you clean the house in the morning only to come home in the evening and find that the dogs have made a huge mess for you (insert spouse, roommate, or kids as needed there).  It doesn’t end and that’s ok.  Sometimes you just have to celebrate what you got done that day and move on.

Last weekend I discovered an awesome new bookstore and found this little gem on the shelves:

Painting Flowers on Rocks...who has time for that???

Painting Flowers on Rocks…who has time for that???

The list isn’t going to end.  You aren’t going to get it all done.  And, if you somehow get it all done we both know you cheated at something somewhere.  So take time to do some things you enjoy.  Go read a book.  Play with your kid.  Take the dog for a walk.  Call your friend and talk about nothing important.  Paint some flowers on rocks.  Whatever.  But take some time this weekend to do 1 thing you HAVE to do and 1 thing you WANT to do.  That shouldn’t be too hard.  So…what do you want to do this weekend??

Have a great weekend everyone!

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